Real Estate


Description of the Service

LEX-IUS Ltd. provides high quality and professional advice in search of a real estate as well as in preparing documents for the deal. We offer full scale of services: 

  • Finding a suitable real estate;
  • Negotiations with the owners / brokers for securing our client's interests;
  • Preparing of document necessary for the deal (deposit agreement, purchase agreement etc.);
  • If necessary, submission of all documents to governmental institutions and receipt of them on behalf the our clients. 

For protection of the interests of both parties, we offer our clients to conclude and agreement for the service. We guarantee confidentiality and professionalism. 

Agency Fee

In case of concluding a deal - agency fee 3-5% of the purchase price. Agency fee includes all expenses related to conclusion of the deal (advertising, travel expenses, agent's fee, preparation of the documents).

In case the deal is terminated before is closure due to the client the client is obliged to pay for actual expenses for advertising, travel etc.

Additional expenses - if it necessary to provide notarial certification, additional expenses would include only notary's costs.  



Phone: +371 26 53 22 73


Victoria from Kadaga: 

Thank you very much for your work. We were happy to work together! Highly appreciate your responsiveness and accuracy of the work!